Interior Remodeling Projects

Whether it’s a new paint color, new accents, or even new cabinetry, you will feel the warmth and comfort of your home like never before. Never before did you realize that the home you’ve lived in for years could feel so new and revitalized.

Painting Inside and Out

Many homes in Las Vegas are governed by a Home Owners Association (HOA), each with its own rules and covenants that specify the appearance and maintenance of the home.

HOAs may issue a citation if your home shows noticeable surface wear on the body, trim, border walls and gates of your home. This can include cracked or peeling paint and faded or stained paint visible on the exterior of the home. Here are a few important guidelines from the Paint Quality Institute on hiring a painting contractor:

Specify the Work.

Prepare a simple list of the work required, indicating which areas need to be painted, what gloss level and color and when the work needs to be completed.

Get Quotes

Talk with several contractors and ask for written quotes.

Discover the Painting Process

Check the details of what the contractor will do for each surface to be painted, including: 1) Surface preparation, 2) Priming (including type and brand of primer), 3) Finish coats (type of paint, gloss level, brand, colors and number of coats).

Personal Property Protection

How will the contractor protect the areas around the painting project? Will nearby plantings be protected when the exterior is being painted? How will furniture, fixtures and floors be protected during interior painting?


When will the work begin and be completed? How many painters will be working on the job? What will be the remedy if the job is not completed in time?

Warranty protection

Is there a warranty on the work? Does it cover labor and materials or just labor? How long is the warranty and what is the remedy if there is a paint failure?


Ask the potential contractor for the names of previous customers and call each.


Is the contractor courteous, businesslike and appropriately dressed? A dirty, unkempt appearance may indicate a lack of care on the job.


Is the contractor punctual with appointments and in returning phone calls and generally interested in working with you? If the responses are slow before the job is awarded, improvement is unlikely.

Paint quality

A painter can select from a number of products that are manufactured at different quality levels. Top-quality, 100 percent acrylic paints last much longer than ordinary paint and cost less over the lifetime of the paint job.

Window Treatments

As a new resident to the community, if you’re unaccustomed to sunny days, you’ll be amazed how light and bright Valley living can be! One of your first tasks will be selecting the right window coverings to give you privacy, light and also be energy efficient.

You can select energy-efficient window coverings without compromising good design. Window coverings, such as blinds, shades and draperies reduce solar heat most effectively if the surface facing the glass is a reflective color like white. Incorporating window coverings into your interior design can make a difference on monthly energy costs, especially in the Las Vegas area.

Both new and existing homes can benefit from window treatments that control the sun’s heat. In addition to the energy savings, you can have a more comfortable home but you can also save on the installed cost of a new air conditioning unit.