Forwarding Your Mail

United States Postal Service Delivery Truck

Once you move to Las Vegas, you’re going to want all your mail. It is important to contact all important companies, such as utilities and credit cards, about your move. Should you forget something, a good insurance policy would be to have your mail forwarded.

Before you even relocate, the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers you a way to change your mailing address online. Simply visit From there, follow the prompts to provide your information. You can select “Temporary” if you plan to move back to your old address within 12 months and select “Permanent” if you have no plans to move back to your old address. If you prefer to fill out a hard copy of the change of address form, visit your local post office before you move and look for the yellow address change form. Complete it and leave it with the postal clerk. Be sure to include the start date that you expect to be in your new location so that your mail will be properly forwarded. Don’t forget to notify your current vendors to give them with notice that you’re leaving the area and to provide them with a forwarding address. Also be sure to complete a change of address for your magazines, which may not be forwarded otherwise.

When you’ve moved to your new residence, keep track of your incoming mail to ensure all your vendors are sending you statements. Some experts suggest that it’s a wise idea to check your credit reports during this time to ensure no one has been using your credit or personal data during the move transition. One last idea to consider if you’re unsure about where you’ll be living in Las Vegas, is renting a post office box from either your local USPS branch or at any mail center located near you. That way you can pick up mail at a safe place until you have a permanent address.