2011-2012 Report Card

Regularly-published school accountability reports contain detailed information about each school in Nevada. These reports are prepared annually in compliance with the federal No Child Left Behind Act, which requires all Nevada school districts to inform citizens about the performance of local schools.

Schools use these reports to develop academic plans to improve student achievement. Accountability reports are distributed to all parents of students attending schools in the Clark County School District (CCSD). A copy of the school’s accountability report may be requested at the school site. The most recent reports can be viewed online at nevadareportcard.com/di/

21st Century Course of Study

Development and adoption of the 21st Century Course of Study added a fourth year of mathematics to include at least Algebra II and a third year of science to include, at a minimum, Biology I. Enrollment at UNLV has increased, with students enrolled in college remedial classes dropping to 24%. Unilaterally, the first-time pass rates for 10th grade students on the High School Proficiency Reading Exam (HSPE) increased from 77.3% to 78.1%.

Students attending magnet schools increased from 12,005 to 14,006. The number of Career and Technical Education (CTE) students who earned Tech Prep college credit while in high school increased, as did the number of students participating in a work-based learning activities and the number participating in CTE student organizations. Increases in proficiency on the Criterion Referenced Test (CRT) were demonstrated in 3rd through 8th grade reading and math, and both grades 5 and 8 increased in writing, 54.5% to 55.5% and 44.2% to 46.8% respectively. Percentage of classroom instructional computers with Internet access increased to 97.4%.

District Wide Survey

Positive parent responses regarding high academic expectations, safe environment, and academic assistance opportunities increased 4.5, 12.2, and 9.0 percentage points respectively from the previous year. 92% of the 15,438 parents responded “agree” or “strongly agree” that schools assist students in developing positive qualities, such as honesty and trustworthiness, and 91% for positive qualities such as kindness, and caring. 90% of the schools implemented strong character education programs that included recognition and rewards for students who demonstrated academic and behavioral achievement, improvement, and initiative.

Percent of LEP students that increased proficient in English by one level was 49.8%, while another 13% increased proficiency in English by two levels. High school students passing a secondary foreign language Level III or IV course was 93.9%. During the 2008-09 school year, 45,970 students were involved in clubs that that recorded 209,942 hours in community service. 104 students in grades 6, 7, and 8 competed in the Area Spelling Bee.